Rehearsals 2016


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These are raw rehearsals, which have been recorded in advance to an upcoming, independent album in 2017/2018!


released January 20, 2017

EXTINCT THE SCUM were on this recordings:

Bony - Guitars
Speesy - Bass
Tsɛt - Vocals
Jerome - Drums




all rights reserved


Extinct the scum Essen, Germany

"Gewalt ist ehrlich!"

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Track Name: Crucifvcked
You have been staffed by the gods?
I've got the cure
Did they poison your mind?
I've got the antidote
I am the devil you've always known
The one eyed king among the legless ghouls

I have come to cleanse your blood
The excorcist, they've been speaking of
I've got the tool to absorb your god

You're gonna be crucifucked!

Man whore, spread your legs,
Don't you get it yet?
You're about to be crucifucked!
Track Name: Just another reason (for this world coming down)
Look around
There’s so much which really makes me frown
Packs of shit to drag me to the ground
Let’s start to act, before there’s more to come

Extinct the scum!

Hounds on the run
No one by one, they call for more to come
Tons of hits, you’re under a attack
You better should not turn around, `cause they will stab your back

They didnt come to change your mind
Just for no cause, but sure you’ll get it right…

They are a reason for this world coming down!

Extinct the scum!

Take a look at yourself!
It’s waste of energy to put you on a shelf
You’ve got enough ascent from your profile-neurotic comporment…
You pack of shit, I will stomp you to the ground,


I didn’t come to change your mind
`cause what is wrong, will never turn inside

You are a reason for this world coming down!